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Qumi Bubbles


An incredible adventure in the fantastic world of Qumi-Qumi lies ahead! Join the best friends Shumadan and Ququl on their journey across a miraculous and somewhat bizarre planet called Qumi-Land and help them overcome obstacles standing in their way!The new game is free to play and offers you:
- Amusing and captivating gameplay in a totally unique presentation!- A whole new world presented in a flashy and colorful setting!- Hundreds of exciting puzzles and extraordinary abilities you’ll have to master on the way!- A bunch of new wondrous possibilities opening up for you on more than 100 levels! Frequent regular updates won't let you get bored!- Hours of engaging and enjoyable pastime in the company of sweet and kind characters!
Check out the new game right now: explore every distant corner of this ludicrous and fascinating universe, unravel mysteries and secrets, complete challenging levels and compete with friends!